Frequently Asked Questions about My Diletto

1.      What attachments come with My Diletto?

My Diletto comes with two dildos, one for vaginal use, and one for anal use.

2.      Can I use my own favorite dildo with My Diletto?

Yes, any vac-u-lock or suction cup style dildo will work, or any Doc Johnson dildo.


3.      Can a couple use My Diletto?

My Diletto has no limits – only the limits of your imagination! The seat is large enough for two, and both can enjoy the pleasure of sexual penetration, either vaginal or anal.


4.      Is My Diletto sturdy? How much weight will it hold?

My Diletto has been constructed of high quality steel and other high quality durable materials. It has been tested up to 300 lbs.


5.      How do I store My Diletto?

My Diletto is easily stored under the bed or in a closet. It collapses to approximately 5-6” and slips into a small space out of sight when you aren’t using it.


6.      Does My Diletto come in any colors?

No, currently My Diletto is only available in black.


7.      How do I assemble My Diletto?

My Diletto is shipped fully assembled. You just take it out of the box and begin using it! It does not need batteries or to be plugged in.


8.      Is the chair available for purchase in retail stores?

We are currently placing My Diletto in select retail stores around the country and may soon be able to identify a store near you.


9.      Is My Diletto available for purchase online?

Yes, you can purchase My Diletto from our website www.MyDiletto.com. We are also making My Diletto available from other fine adult novelty online retailers.


10.  How can I pay for My Diletto?

You can pay by credit card (or PayPal) on www.MyDiletto.com using the “Check Out With PayPal” button.


11.  What is your privacy policy?

Although we may need to contact you regarding your order, under no condition will your personal information be shared with anyone outside WE Mfg.


12.  How is My Diletto shipped?

We ship either UPS or USPS to provide an economical shipping cost. My Diletto is shipped in a discrete brown box to protect your privacy.


13.  Do you ship internationally?

Yes, please contact us for a shipping quote outside the U.S.


14.  How long will it take to receive My Diletto?

Orders are shipped within 2 business days of receipt of payment. We ship UPS or USPS; shipping times vary from  2 to 6 business days to reach US addresses.


15.  Is the chair sold outside the US? 

We are happy to ship to any international location. We will estimate shipping for you to help you make your purchase decision.  We are acquiring some international distributors. Just write and ask us, and we will let you know if we have a source in your location.


16.  Are you looking for wholesalers and distributors?

We welcome your inquiry about wholesale opportunities and pricing and hope to make My Diletto widely available.


17.  What if something goes wrong with My Diletto after I’ve received it?

 We provide a 90-day warranty on My Diletto. Just contact us and we will resolve your problem. But we are confident of the quality of My Diletto construction.