Sexual Fantasies


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Sexual fantasies play an important role in sexuality. Whether they’re based on real desires that you hope to one day realize, or simply wild daydreams that you know you’ll never engage in, they can enhance your sexual enjoyment and help you understand your own sexual needs better. Sharing your fantasies with a partner can be a healthy, positive way to take sensuality to a new level and can help you discover how to please each other in new, imaginative ways.

Find New Ways to Explore Sexual Fantasies

For many couples, the idea of adding a partner to the equation can be a stimulating idea but one that is not always easy to achieve. There are many things to consider when engaging in a threesome, foursome, or more-some, including the challenge of finding the right partners and the potential emotional impact on a couple. However, there are ways to explore the idea without actually bringing someone new into the bedroom.

Talking about the fantasy during sex is a great way to start exploring the fantasy. Couples might describe the imaginary scenario, describing to each other what the third partner might be doing at that moment. This type of verbal role-play can help reveal new ways to please each other and heighten enjoyment.

Using Toys to Add Spice

Toys can also help enhance the experience. For instance, if you have a MFM fantasy, a dildo or vibrator can help simulate the experience without actually inviting another man into the bedroom. Accessories such as the My Diletto sex chair are a great way for couples to explore such fantasies. In a MFM fantasy, for example, the woman can enjoy the sensation of penetration while also pleasing her partner orally. Of course, she can also discover the excitement of being penetrated by one partner while the other pleases her orally.

If anal play is a fun part of your sexual exploration, the My Diletto chair can be fitted with an attachment designed for anal penetration. Anal stimulation can be as enjoyable for men as for women, making the My Diletto chair the perfect accessory for sexual exploration. Men can enjoy the sensation of anal stimulation and vaginal or oral pleasure simultaneously for an unforgettable sexual experience.

The My Diletto chair gives couples a fun and exciting way to explore fantasy situations without actually adding an additional partner. Of course, if you do want to add more partners to the mix, there are plenty of ways to use the My Diletto sex chair to enhance the experience even more. The possibilities are limited only by your own imagination – have fun and have great sex!